Start of the Caravan of the Golden Lifetree with a Tree Meditation

2015-01-14 11:00 AM
Gellértberg, Budapest -
Budapest, Ungarn
+49 176 61676263
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The Caravan of the Golden Lifetree

After a preparatory phase the moment has finally arrived – on 14th of January 2015 the "Caravan of the Golden Lifetree" starts the next stage. The route flows from the Hungarian capital Budapest, through Vienna, passing the Chiemsee down to Italy and along the coast of France, Spain and Portugal. Finally, we take the boat across the Great Water to the Canary Islands of Tenerife and onwards to the birthplace of the project to La Gomera.

World Meditations with TreesOn the route of the caravan honorable Tree visits to old, large and important trees will be made. Wherever it is possible meditations with the trees will take place in order to strengthen their original healing powers again.

Everyone is invited to participate – whether connected personally on location or spiritually from distance, at the proposed time, or in a silent moment.

The first tree meditation will take place on 14th of January 2015 at 11.00 o'clock at the "Large-Crowned Linden Tree" in Gellértpark, Budapest.

The first force-giving tree on this route is the "Large-Crowned Linden Tree" - a symbol of the community, the joy of life and love. With it's expansive dome she seems generously and with an open heart to embrace the whole world and enhances such a feeling in each of us, together.

With this feeling, the Caravan of the Golden Lifetree starts this route.

And so Smoenjala likes to open the possibillity of a honourable meditation with this tree for all those who wish to connect to this gathering. In this place a pure channel of Universal Love will be opened up for the tree. We will connect with this tree as a Light-Gate and let the Golden Flow of Universel Love stream through our heart. Then we will carry this Flow of Love down to the element of water. The flowing Danube is connected to all major waters on this planet and so the information of the peaceful coexistence can spread everywhere.


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